Juju cup, Lunette, Moon Cup, what’s it all about?


Whatever cutesy names they call them menstrual cups are not a very exciting topic really,in fact whenever I heard the term Moon Cup I shuddered. Collecting my menstrual blood in a little cup made me feel physically ill. I honestly thought it was a hippy, tribal woman product that nothing or nobody could convince me to use. Funnily enough someone did get me thinking, I’m not saying I’m sold on the whole silicon cup careful inserted in your vagina idea but at least I’m thinking about it.

So how did anyone get me, the “I don’t do camping because it’s primitive” kinda girl to even consider using such a device? It was pretty simple actually, they basically stated quite simply that when we were first faced with the concept of shoving a cotton stick with a string attached to it right up our vaginas none of us were in love with that idea! In fact it took some time to get used to not only the idea but how to actually use those damn little (or what seemed like giant at the time) devices.

Why am I so grossed out by the the menstrual cup idea? I mean it’s a gross messy time of the month that just can’t be avoided and let’s face it the alternatives to dealing with this time aren’t exactly faultless, they are just what we are used to, making them normal and less strange. But are they in fact better or are these new fan dangled “cups” that are all the rage in those tree hugging, home birthing communities actually the better option?

Well I actually don’t know the answer to that yet, in fact I’m a little apprehensive about trying one out but I thought it could be fun to do this on behalf of all my readers and give you all a blow by blow account of what they are really like. If there is one thing about me it’s that I don’t mind over sharing, ask me what you’re major concerns are and I’ll give you a very truthful and raw answer. I’ve read all the reviews but I can’t help thinking, were these women as much of a princess as I am? Are these women more primal and in tune with their bodies than I am? Don’t get me wrong, I admire these hippy women, these primal women who have this real understanding and connection to their bodies but its not me and so these reviews are meaningless because let’s face it, some of these women are ok with birthing at home and eating placenta pie but that’s just not me!

So if you want me to embark on this crazy menstrual journey to give you that review that may sway you either way then why not ask me a question you’d like answered? Or maybe pop a dollar in my Go Fund Me account