The Bond of Women


I know women get a lot of bad press, I hear about women judging each other and being just plain nasty to one another instead of supporting each other through tough times. Now I’m not sure if I just happen to have found all the nice women of the world or if a few bad apples are giving us a bad name because my experience has been so incredibly contradictory to what I had heard.

My struggle with my second daughter has been made very public with this blog, it is my place to vent my frustrations and give other mums a look into my life, so if they are going through something similar they feel less alone. Having made it so public I was also ready to get a lot of criticism, I’m very honest and I felt I would get a lot of mums who would judge me, after all that’s what I had read over and over again that mums did to each other. To my surprise this didn’t happen, not one person has criticised me, in fact all I’ve received is support.

I have had women I know and some I don’t who are mothers, who aren’t mothers, who have children who are grown up all email, message and call me with words of love and support! I have cried because I was so overwhelmed by this unspoken bond between women, this sisterhood. All these women didn’t tear me down, tell me what I should be doing or how wrong I was doing it. All these women have just been there for me, with stories to share to make me feel less alone, support emotionally by listening to me cry or just practical things like giving me names of great doctors to contact.

Women understand each other like no one ever can, and so we can support each other in a way no man ever can. Together, supporting each other through tough times, even by just sending a quick message saying how sad you are that they are going through a rough patch, we become invincible. When my daughter was sick with her reflux, before her diagnosis I felt so alone, so sad and like I would never be able to make it. My husband was so supportive but I still felt like this was an impossible task. Suddenly all these amazingly kind women (and these are women I have never even met in some cases) have lifted me out of despair into a place of hope.

I am so thankful to be a woman and to share this beautiful bond with other women, where we can support each other through the darkness to a place of light. If you are a woman who has messaged me, called or just liked one of my blogs thank you. You have made me so hopeful again! 

If you know a woman going through a rough patch, send her a message, it might be the thing that shows her the light again!


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